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Soroptimists Enable a Sustainable World – Global Connections, Empowered Women

The theme of this Convention is “Soroptimists Enable a Sustainable World – Global Connections, Empowered Women”.

At this upcoming Convention, we will explore issues that are driving meaningful change among diverse stakeholders as our projects are closely aligned to the 17 UN Sustainable Goals. (SDGs)

As a platform to demonstrate our continued engagement and commitment to a range of issues, topics include:

Water & Food Security

Inter-related priorities to alleviate global poverty and SDGs 1, 2 & 6. This also falls in line with SI President’s Appeal 2017-2019: “Women, Water & Leadership”.

Technology & Innovation

Emphasizes frontiers for Soroptimist Clubs to promote women and girls in STEM careers and business opportunities. How can Technology & Innovation be used to empower and enrich women to overcome gender inequality under SDGs 5 & 9.

Violence, Trafficking & Exploitation

As Human trafficking and Exploitation becomes globally pandemic with migrant crisis in several countries.

Healthcare & Lifetime Wellness

Explores ways of developing intergenerational communities more holistically than the nuclear family structure existing now. At the forefront of women’s wellness and preventive medicine, new careers emerge in societal healthcare and support care for many ageing populations. Also renewed interest in complementary medicine, TCM, Homeopathy and alternative therapies to supplement current treatments.

Youth Social Activism

Actively examines opportunities to attract young Soroptimists to the fore from youth organisations such as AIESEC, WAGGGS (Girl Guides), One Young World, etc. through social service engagement via social media platforms and other communication channels.

Climate Action Plan

Is an overarching and interconnected Sustainable Developing Goal involving SDGs 13, 14 and 15. Climate change affects everyone and all forms of life on earth. Women & girls especially in rural areas are particularly vulnerable during disasters and adverse environmental conditions.

Programme at a Glance


Programme is subject to change without prior notice.