Soroptimist Sisters’ Recommendation – Kelantan

Soroptimist Sisters’ Recommendation - Kelantan

Longest Sleeping Buddha in Southeast Asia

As perception goes, Kelantan is viewed as a pre-dominant Islamic community. Yet, it showcases a melting pot of different religions and cultures that belie its conservative strain of religious tolerance.

An hour away from Kota Bahru is Tumpat, whose appeal rests on the 25 Buddhist temples or “wats” found in this district. Tourists and devotees flock to admire these attractions which are mainly Thai influenced both in culture and architectural splendor, as Tumpat is near the Thai border.

Not to be missed are Wat Photivihan, the largest reclining Buddha in South-East Asia. Measuring 40 m long, 11m high and 9m wise, this statute was completed in 1979 by Thai craftsmen. Other attractions at this wat are the Chinese pavilion, a hall featuring Tibetan architecture, and the statue of the 18-arm Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara.

Wat Machimmaram or The Sitting Buddha in Kampung Jubakar, is among the largest in the region. It is a work of art that took 10 years to build.

You might be mistaken to think that this is a Chinese temple with its pagoda like structure. It is not. Popularly known as the “Beijing Mosque”, this mosque also combines Indian and Uzbekistan features in its interiors. Sited on a 3.7 hectare site in Rantau Panjang, this mosque can take in 1,000 visitors.

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