Soroptimist Sisters’ Recommendation – Perak

Soroptimist Sisters’ Recommendation - Perak

Trip out of Ipoh

Did you know that you can hop on an electric train ride from KL Sentral and head straight to Ipoh town, north of Kuala Lumpur, the focal point of the SI Convention Kl2019? In 2 hours time, you and your aficionados can begin your food trail and heritage discovery.

Alternatively, rent a car to coordinate your trip. Or contact Soroptimists from Ipoh, Malaysia to help you coordinate your plans for a day affair or a stay over, which will allow you to explore more of Perak’s attractions including eco-resorts like the Banjaran Hot Springs, the Haven and many others.

Ipoh is the birthplace of the famed White Coffee (do check out what this is), and is touted to have the most authentic principally Cantonese, street-hawker and city food.

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Whilst savouring the food delights, don’t miss out on Ipoh’s heritage landmarks and other points of attraction. Plan for a heritage walk to view the iconic Ipoh Railway station, the Ipoh Town Hall and not forgetting the Birch Memorial Clock.

5 kms south from Ipoh city is the must-see Perak cave temples or Sam Poh Tong as it is famously called. A top international tourist site nestled on a scenic limestone hill, you will be greeted by a cave entrance and some of the oldest Buddhist statues (40 of them) and murals within the temple complex. Carved among natural stalactites and stalagmites, overall it is an impressive work of art & deep faith.

After the gastronomic treats, and your stamina holds, climb the 246 steps to the top of the hill. The reward – a panaromic view of Ipoh city & its beautiful surroundings. If not take a break by the pond and feed the tortoise (sign of longevity) or cast a wish at the wishing well.

 There is another point of attraction to explore.

In the Batu Gajah district near Ipoh stands Kellie Castle. Built in 1915 by a rag-to-riches Scottish planter, William Kellie Smith for his wife Agnes, find out why this beautiful mansion was subsequently abandoned. A Malaysian Taj Mahal story some might conclude. Hence the tag ‘Kellie’s Folly’.

Built by 70 craftmen from Madras, Keliie’s Castle was the site for the film ‘The King & I’(of Jodie Foster’s fame)

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Of course, a trip to Ipoh would not be complete without a visit to Ipoh’s famous pomelo farm. ‘Limau bali’ as Malaysians call them, is a citrus fruit akin to a large grapefruit. Pomeloes are native to South and South East Asia. Given the agro-tourism drive by the Perak government, you will plenty of pomelo farms to visit.

If you plan on staying longer, the Tambun Hot Springs can be a welcomed balm and much needed treat. Rejuvenate and enjoy magical moments in mineral rich bio-thermal hot spring pools. Now that’s a real treat!

Contact your Soroptimist sisters from SI Ipoh or the Hospitality Committee when planning your Ipoh trip.


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